Self Service
  • Quick planning and campaign launch
  • Allocate budgets and optimize in real time
  • $5K minimum and no subscription needed
Managed Service
  • White glove service for campaigns of $25K
  • In-house team of experts ready to help
  • Data-driven campaign optmization
  • Measurement & analytics recommendations

Maximum Inventory

The map loads over 250K units all at once. Pan across the whole map and see your filters applied globally, without needing to individually check each geography.

Max Inventory
Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting

Filter by geography, CPM, venue type, screen type, publisher, audience, and points of interest. Visualize the results of your filters in real-time on the map.

Real-Time Reporting

We’ve solved the OOH measurement problem. Attribute your programmatic OOH exposures to web, mobile, and brick & mortar conversion events.

Real-time Reporting
Optimization & Triggers

Dynamic Optimization & Triggers

Put your ads on the map within minutes of uploading creative. Once your creative has been approved, just click Launch Plan and you’re live.

SSP Partners
jc decaux
clear channel

“We increasingly think of programmatic DOOH as a core part of our mix. AdQuick DSP has enabled us to run tightly targeted campaigns to extend our traditional OOH reserve buys while leveraging cutting edge, geo-targeted brand lift and causal impact studies.”

Elliott Hasiuk

Principal, Digital Media at Part and Sum

How it Works
AdQuick Programmatic

Launch hyper-targeted OOH campaigns in minutes

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Launch hyper-targeted OOH campaigns in minutes